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Autel PowerScan PS100 Auto Electrical Circuit AVO Meter Automotive

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Autel PowerScan PS100 Auto Electrical Circuit AVO Meter Automotive


Autel Powerscan PS100

Automotive Circuit Tester Build-In Flashlight for 12-24V Vehicle Electrical Systems Diagnostics with 1 Year Warranty

■ Bullet Points

POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: Autel PowerScan PS100 is a superior electrical tester to perform power injection, measurement, ground testing, polarity checks, continuity testing and components activation for all 12- to 24-volt vehicle. USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Equipped with a colorful display with sharply 160*128 dpi for convenient reading of battery voltage, current and resistance information. And the built-in Flashlight enables users to be able to work in the dark. CIRCUIT BREAKER: The tool is short-circuit protected. Its internal circuit breaker will trip if it becomes overloaded. The circuit breaker is a valuable test tool as well as a safety measure to protect the tool from overload. 20FT (EXTENDABLE) CABLE: The tool’s long cable allows users to test along the entire length of the vehicle without constantly searching for suitable vehicle grounds. It helps users to follow and locate short circuits without wasting fuses. 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Autel warrants to its customers that this product will be free from all defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original purchase, subject to some terms and conditions.

■ Description

Autel, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket, dedicates itself to developing professional diagnostic tools and translating global clients’ needs into superior cost-effective and innovative products with strong R&D and production capabilities. Autel PowerScan PS100, featuring AVOmeter, test light, built-in flashlight, short circuit indicator, relay/component tester, continuity tester and bad ground indicator, is truly the ultimate must-have circuit tester in power and affordability for every technician looking for a fast and accurate solution to electrical system diagnostics.

■ Features

1. Autel PowerScan PS100 is one of the most advanced automotive probes on the market, with a myriad of functions for effective automotive electrical systems diagnostics, making short circuits and bad earths easy to find: • Voltage & Polarity Testing: While the tool is in DC Voltage mode, contact the probe tip to a positive/negative circuit. The red/green LED will light and the LCD displays the voltage with a resolution of 0.1V. If the beep is turned on, a high pitched tone will sound. • Continuity Testing: While the tool is in Resistance mode, using the probe tip with chassis ground or the auxiliary ground lead, continuity can be tested on wires and components attached or disconnected from the vehicle’s electrical system. • Signal Circuit Testing: Once you extract a DTC from the vehicle and realize that troubleshooting begins with some kind of sensor circuit, you can perform signal circuit testing to verify the code. • Activating Components in Your Hand: While the tool is in DC Voltage mode, by using the probe tip in connection with the auxiliary ground lead, components can be activated right in your hand, thereby testing their functions. • Testing Trailer Lights and Connections: While the tool in DC Voltage mode, clip the auxiliary ground lead to the trailer ground, probe the contacts at the jack and then apply voltage to the probe tip. This lets you check the function and orientation of the connector and trailer lights. • Activating Components in The Vehicle: While the tool in DC Voltage mode, contact the probe tip to the positive terminal of the component to activate components in the vehicle. • Activating Components w/Ground: While the tool in DC Voltage mode, contact the probe tip to the negative terminal of the component to activate components w/Ground. • Checking for Bad Ground Contacts: Probe the suspected ground wire or contact with the probe tip to check for bad ground contacts. • Following & Locating Short Circuits: This tool is able to help users to follow and locate short circuits when a short circuit appears by a fuse or a fusible link blowing or an electrical protection device tripping (i.e., a circuit breaker). • Red/Green Polarity LED: The Red/Green Polarity LED lights up when the probe tip voltage matches the battery voltage within ±0.8 volts. It is added information that could be valuable to the technician. 2. With a flip of the power switch, users can use an instant hot/ground lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans, relays, etc. 3. The electrical tester PS100 is not just able to identify instantly positive, negative and open circuits, it is also able to check continuity of switches, relays and diodes in a flash. 4. It can test for bad ground contacts quickly, allowing you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses. 5. It features an audible and positive/negative voltage indicator and two integral work lights. 6. By depressing the power switch, conduct a positive or negative battery current to the probe tip for testing the function of an electrical component without the use of jumper wires. 7. Audio tone indicator allows for no-look menu scrolling once users are familiar with menu tone assignment. 8. Being extremely easy to use and highly reliable with circuit breaker protected, it is also equipped with a built-in Flashlight which enables users to be able to work in the dark.

■ Specification

Display: TFT color display (160 x 128 dpi) Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) External Power: 12.0 or 24.0 V power provided via vehicle battery Length\Width\Height: 126mm(4.96”)\46.5mm(1.83”)\35mm(1.38”) NW: 0.105kg (0.23lb) GW: 0.726 kg(1.6lb)

■ Package List

1*Autel PowerScan PS100 1*Rugged blow molded case 1*20ft. extension cable 1*Probe tip 1*Battery hookup clips 1*Cigarette lighter adapter 1*User’s Manual

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Autel PowerScan PS100 Auto Electrical Circuit AVO Meter Automotive
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