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XTOOL IP616 OBD2 Scanner Automotive Car Diagnostic Tools

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XTOOL IP616 OBD2 Scanner Automotive Car Diagnostic Tools OBD2 Scanner CodeReader


XTOOL IP616 OBD2 Scanner Automotive Car Diagnostic Tools OBD2 Scanner CodeReader


☑️☑️Top Functions of IP616

☑️28+ Maintenance Functions: Along with all the common maintenance functions, such as ABS Bleeding, Key Programing, Injector Coding, Oil Reset, EPB, Power Balance, etc, it also comes with advanced special functions include Cam/Crank Sensors Relearn, Idle Relearn, Zero-Point Calibration, Fuel Trim Reset, etc.

OE-Level Full System Diagnostics: Complete capabilities for codes, read live data stream in graphing/Text, Retrieve freeze frame, Read ECU information, Perform the active tests and etc on all available systems of cars.

Powerful Key Programming Capabilities include Read Pin~codes + Add New Keys (Fob/Smart)+ Remote Learning + Key Matching, ALL-KEYS-LOST, etc.

Work with 8+12 Cable Adapter (Package NOT Included) : Support for Chrysler 2018 and later vehicles.

Work with CAN FD Adapter (Package NOT Included) : Support for GM/GMC/Cadillac/Chevrolet/Buick Cars after 2020.

AutoVin & Auto Scan: Automatically retrieve the vehicle identification number for comprehensive all available systems scan for quick diagnostics.
85+ Brand Coverage & Growing: Broad vehicle coverage, work on more than 85 brands, 10000 cars, and it is still growing.

Full OBD2 Functions :Read Codes,ECU Information,Erase Codes,Live Data

Multi-language: 14 languages optional, default in English, come to us with S/N to change to Spanish, French, etc.

Dual-Band WIFI Frequency: Both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi for best signal or connection speed.
7'' Touch Screen with 1024*762 resolution for easily interpreting data.


XTOOL IP616 can automatically retrieve the vehicle identification number to perform a comprehensive scan of all available systems, such as Engine, Transmission, SRS(Airbag), ABS, TPMS, BODY, A/C and much more. Providing you with a Dealership- Level only diagnosis, getting the accurate and in-depth results across all automotive systems.

>>>>Auro VIN

Auto VIN/AUTO SCAN does not work on all vehicles, Manual selection/inputting functions are available on the IP616 and can help you access the diagnosis menu.

More functions

The XTOOL IP616 diagnostic scanner provides Remote and Data Logging features. When you have problems that cannot be solved, you can exchange data logging or obtain remote assistance with the team of XTOOL elite engineers(Please come to us with Remote ID for remote assistance when needed.).
Report Sharing & Printing features allow mechanics to provide diagnostic reports in PDF files, letting customers know exactly what types of problems their cars have fixed.

Best Complete

XTOOL IP616 is the xtool newest tablet with best diagnostic software inside

all functions most same as the mk808 and cr.p909

can works with can fd if you need works for GM/GMC/Cadillac/Chevrolet/Buick Cars after 2020.


☑️Oil Reset: Reset the new calculation of Engine Oil Life System for an accurate reading of the next oil change.

☑️EPB Reset: Reset the calipers, brake discs or pads after the electronic parking brake system is repaired.

☑️BMS Reset: Reset after replacing the battery to clear the low battery fault information of the original battery and protect the new battery.

☑️DPF Regeneration: Clear PM from the DPF filter through oxidation or combustion to stabilize the filter performance.

☑️IMMO / Key Programming(Top Popular): Disable a lost vehicle key to protect the vehicle from being stolen and add the new key.

☑️Injector Coding(Top Popular): Code a new injector to better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.

☑️ABS Bleeding(Top Popular): Perform to bleed the brake system to restore ABS braking sensitivity and obtain a firm brake pedal .

☑️SAS Adjustment: Clear the fault steering angle sensor memories, perform reset steering angle sensor, and turn off steering wheel warning light.

☑️Throttle Relearn: Reset the throttle actuators to accurately regulate throttle (or idle engine) operations, helps keep your idling and acceleration smooth.

☑️Airbag Repair: After replacing the Airbag, reset the Airbag data and clear the collision data.

☑️Also including TPMS Reset, Air Suspension, Gear Learning(Crankshaft Relearn), Gearbox Match, Headlight Adjustment, Window Initialization, Seat Configurations, Disable Transportation, Tire Upgrade, EEPROM, Electronic Pump Activation, Power Balance, A/F Reset, Start/Stop Reset, Language Change etc are all available and continuously growing.

>>>>Full OBD2 functions

☑️ECU Information
ECU Information – retrieves and displays the specific information for the tested control unit, including unit type, version numbers and other specifications.

☑️Read Codes
Read Codes – displays detailed information of DTC records retrieved from the test vehicle’s ECU. On some vehicles, freeze frame data can also be retrieved for viewing.

☑️Erase Codes
Erase Codes – erases DTC records and other data from the test vehicle’s ECU.

☑️Live Data
Live Data – retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the test vehicle’s ECU.Display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review.

>>>> Hardware Details

✌Processor : 2GB

✌Memory :32 GB

✌Battery :5000Mah

✌Operating system:Android




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XTOOL IP616 OBD2 Scanner Automotive Car Diagnostic Tools
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