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V61 Car On-board Computer 3 IN 1 HUD OBD2 Gauge GPS Speedometer Inclinometer

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V61 Car On-board Computer 3 IN 1 HUD OBD2 Gauge GPS Speedometer Inclinometer


Product Review:

The Smart Car On-board Computer combines OBD2 HUD Gauge Head Up Display+ GPS Digital Speedometer + Off-road slope meter together, which provides a more convenient driving experience for drivers, also widely favored by a large number of racing enthusiasts and lovers.

Product Highlights:

1. Plug & Play: Start with the car and turn off with car's engine off.

2. Two installation methods:1) stand on dashboard, 2) upside down on windshield

3. 3 in 1 Smart Car Safety System can work on all cars: OBD & GPS & Inclinometer HUD Gauge

If Your Car's OBD2 Protocol is incompatible, then you can choose GPS working system, GPS mode can work with All Cars;

4. Speed: KM/h & MPH switch freely;

Long press the middle OK button, enter setting page, press right button to System setting, and Press middle OK button again, and then come to Unit Switch, choose KM or Miles as you prefer.

5. Turbo Boost pressure: 100kPa & PSI & BAR switch freely;

6. Fuel consumption units: KM/L and L/100km;

7. The only HUD Gauge on the market to show Transmission temperature, intake air temperature, CVT, coolant temperature;

8. Modern design and high quality: can connect two sub-machines --- 3 dashboard combined together, driver can see multiple data all the time.

9. Display Fuel consumption, fuel temperature, fuel level, etc.

10. GPS Precise position: altitude and longitude, compass direction, altitude,date, week and clock, etc

11. 10 Different display interfaces on the main machine + 2 different display interfaces on the sub-machine, you can choose any display interface you prefer.

12. Support Update Software Remotely (can download the software file from our website)

13.  Accept customization with different MOQ Limit: Add Start-up Screen with your logo; Customize Package; Add new functions and display interfaces.

The Best Device for Best You, OEM & ODM are welcome!

Product Functions:

OBD & GPS & Inclinometer (Triple Working Systems), Works on All Vehicles.(Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, Trucks and  Motor cars and so on)

OBD2 mode information display: RPM, speed, Coolant temperature, Oil temperatureambient temperature, transmission oil temperature, intake air temperature, fuel consumption, fuel level, voltage, single mileage, driving distance, driving time,Clock,turbo boost pressure, oil pressure, air intake pressure, acceleration test, brake test, PID list..

GPS mode information display: speed, travel time, date, week, clock, altitude, number of satellites, compass direction, altitude and longitude, single mileage, voltage, acceleration test, brake test...

Slope meter function: Pitch Angle: -40 to 40 degree , Roll Angel: -40 to 40 degree

Multiple Alarms: High Temperature Alarm, Over-speed alarm, High RPM Alarm, Low voltage alarm, Engine Fault Alarm & Clear Faulty Codes,Tilt Angle Danger alarm, Pitch Angle Danger Alarm, Fatigue Driving alarm, etc.

OBD2 OBD2 Multi-function Dashboard + GPS HUD + Inclinometer 3 in 1 Intelligent Car Gauge:

If your car doesn't have obd port or obd2 protocol is not compatible, please go to "set" page and off OBD, it will switch into GPS mode. GPS will work on all vehicles.

10 Kinds of display interfaces, freely switch, and can add two sub-machines if needed:

This device has built in 10 kinds of interface, just click to the "OK" button to choose your favorite interface.


Plug & Play: Start with the car and turn off with car's engine off.

2 Kinds of Install Solution:

Stand on the dash board or Upside-down on the windshield shown as below:

3 in 1 Smart Car Safety System: can work on all cars:

More than 100 data can be displayed + PID List:

Slope meter / Inclinometerfunction, Pitch Angle: -40 to 40 degree, Roll Angel: -40 to 40 degree:

Real-time measurement of vehicle rolling angle and pitch angle. Accurately display the downhill/uphill  and left/right inclination value and equipped with over-slope alarm

100+ Data can be displayed as below:

Real Photos:

Product Parameters:

Can match two sub-machines to the maximum as below picture:
Material: ABS
Colour: Black
System: OBD2+GPS dual mode
Ambient temperature: -40°C -80°C
Atmospheric pressure 86-106kPa
Relative humidity: 10%-95%
Environmental noise ≤60dB(A)
Alarm level: ≥30dB(A)
Working voltage: 11~18VDC (12VDC/200mA)
Product size: 107*80*76mm (L*W*H)
Applicable models: suitable for all cars

Standard Package: OBD cable plug and play, start safety driving with a lot of fun:

Package List:

• Smart HUD Gauge VJOYCAR V61

• OBD connecting cable

• Velcro sticker

• Operating instructions


1. If set speed unit toKM/H, the water temperature unit will automatically be, driving distance unit will automatically beKM, fuel conusmption unit will automatically beL/100 KM.If set speed unit toMPH, the water temperature unit will automatically be, driving distance unit will automatically beMile, fuel conusmption unit will automatically beMPG.

2. The default display is in OBD2+GPS dual mode at the same time, but if the car don't have OBD2 protocol or the OBD2 protocol is incompatible, then pls go to "set" and off the OBD, it will switch to GPS working mode.

OBD2 working mode are not compatible with follow vehicles:

1. Almost 98% cars before the year 2004 ( the year 2004 included)
2.Some Old Oil and electricity mixing, diesel powered car, Pick up, SUV, ORV, Mini Bus...
3. Few Special Cars

if not sure, please contact us in advance.

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V61 Car On-board Computer 3 IN 1 HUD OBD2 Gauge GPS Speedometer Inclinometer
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