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Launch X-431 S2-2 Sensorbox Sensor simulator and tester most vehicle sensors

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Launch X-431 S2-2 Sensorbox Sensor simulator and tester most vehicle sensors


LAUNCH new S2-2 Sensorbox is designed to test and simulate most vehicle sensors, quickly troubleshooting the ECU. It can be compatible with LAUNCH scanner X-431 PAD VII and X-431 PAD V and X-431 PAD III V2.0, to maximize the repair shop's revenue.

S2-2 Sensorbox is specially developed for diagnosing/simulating sensor faults. It mainly includes “Sensor”, “ Actuator”, “Defined/Drawn”, “Timing Waveform“ and “ multimeter”.

Sensor: Is used to simulate the input signals of the automobile electronic control system, and the automobile computer adjusts the running state of the engine according to these parameters.
Actuator: Is used to simulate the output control signal of automobile electronic control system, so as to judge the working conditions of automobile actuators such as idle motor, EGR solenoid valve, etc.
Multimeter: Through this function, users can test voltage, resistance, and capacitance.

Technical Parameters
Sensor module:
Parameter: Range
Number of channels: 2
Precision: 1 %
Amplitude range: 0 – 20 V
Max output current: 20 mA
Predefined frequency range: 0 – 20 kHz
Square wave signal pulse frequency: 0 – 15 kHz
Square wave signal duty cycle: 0 – 100 %
Power supply: Simulator sensor output/max current 20mA (output is powered by battery) – Drive solenoid, ignition coil/output current 2A (external power supply)
USB: USB2.0 Type B (with charging and power supply function/5V)
DC voltage simulation: Support
Fixed frequency simulation: Support
Predefined waveform simulation: Support
Hand-drawn waveform simulation: Support
Signal generator interface: 2
External power supply port: 1
Solenoid interface: 1
Multimeter interface: 2
Working temperature: 0 °C – 50 °C
Storage temperature: -30 °C – 70 °C

Parameter: Range
DC voltage: 0 V – 700 V
AC voltage: 0 V – 700 V
Resistance: 0 Ω – 40 MΩ
Capacitance: 0 F – 100 µF (maximum 30 s measurement time)
Diode: 0 V – 1,5 V
Continuity detection: Sounds below 30 Ω

Waveform: There are 9 waveforms to choose; Forward sine wave, reverse sine wave, forward square wave, reverse square wave, medium voltage, straight line, high / low voltage straight line, triangle wave, and trapezoidal wave.
Frequency: Set the frequency of the selected waveform.
Amplitude: Set the amplitude of the selected waveform.
Offset: Set the offset of the selected waveform.
Phase: Set the phase of the selected waveform.
Duty cycle: Set the duty cycle of the selected waveform.
Signal sync: Can cause CH1 and CH2 to output signals at the same time.
Total frame: 1-3 (optional). Indicate the total number of output points
Generally, one waveform is composed of 100 points. The values 1-3 indicate that you can select 100, 200, or 300 points to form a waveform.
Edit frame: You can edit a single frame or edit all
Waveform: You can select a preset waveform and place it in the hand-drawing area
Frequency: Frequency of a single frame (for 3-frame output, the total frequency is the set frequency/3)
Amplitude: Amplitude of the output waveform
Offset: Offset of the output waveform

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Launch X-431 S2-2 Sensorbox Sensor simulator and tester most vehicle sensors
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