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Diesel Heavy Truck OBD2 Scanner DPF Regen Oil Reset Full System Diagnostic Tool

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Diesel Heavy Truck OBD2 Scanner DPF Regen Oil Reset Full System Diagnostic Tool - Auto Lines Australia


Diesel Heavy Truck OBD2 Scanner DPF Regen Oil Reset Full System Diagnostic Tool
ANCEL HD3200 OBD2 Scanner Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Oil DPF Reset Auto Scanner

Product Description


Ancel HD3200- Focusing on developing professional diagnostic tools that transform the needs of global customers into innovative products with strong R&D and production capabilities, sincerely bring you the latest version of Ancel HD3200 in 2021--An excellent scanner for enthusiasts, independent repairs, specialized garages and technicians.


Do you know the specific problems of your truck before taking it to the auto repair shop?

If no, you will need this diagnostic tool.


Have you been cheated by the repair store?

If yes, we recommend you to purchase this scan tool.


Do you want to save more money in truck repairs and maintenance?

If yes, we definitely recommend you to purchase Ancel HD3200 full systems scan tool.



Why choose Ancel HD3200?


ALL FUNCTIONS IN YOUR HANDThis truck scanner is capable of reading and clearing trouble codes of all major systems of truck , including engine, airbag,transmission,ECU/BCU,VCS,ABS,SRS,EBS,DCU,AT, cluth system/brake system/meter system/battery system/inverter system/hybrid system/immobilizer system,ect. Special Functions perform various component adaptations of the control module under test, allowing you to calibrate or configure certain components after making repairs or replacements.

ADVANCED FEATURES FOR TRUCKGraph live data :Engine speed,Engine ECU temperature,Percent acceleration pedal position,Engine intercooler temperature,Engine coolant temperature,Battery voltage,Alternator voltage,Ambient air temperature,Air inlet temperature,Set measurement units in SAE English/Metric.,Internet upgrade,General Functions :Read ECU Information,Read and Erase Fault codes,Read Live Data,Read Freeze Frame,Graph Live Data,Screenshot Function.

Support 2 Reset Function

DPF Regeneration:for Hino,Isuzu, Fuso, UD, Hyundai, Kia

Oil Reset Service:for Hino,Isuzu,Fuso,Kia,Hyundai  

WIN IN THE DETAILSThe HD3200 scanner comes with new UI, new processor and new software, aims at providing you the best diagnostic experience. One-key update, 5”TFT color screen and languages will make you fall in love with it instantly. The response and operating speed increased by 60% at the same time. This durable tool is ruggedly built, perfect for both shop and road tests. It can be used directly out of the box.



ANCEL HD3200 Supports 12V Truck & Car 2 In 1

Please enter the menu “OBD-II” if you want to diagnostic 12V cars.
Please kindly note that you should enter menu "Diesel OBD" if you want to diagnose heavy duty trucks.


ANCEL HD3200 support DPF Regeneration&Oil Reset Service

DPF Regeneration:for Hino,Isuzu, Fuso, UD, Hyundai, Kia Oil Reset Service:for Hino,Isuzu,Fuso,Kia,Hyundai

Professional  Truck Full System Diagnosis Tools

1, Engine drive system check
2, Automatic Transmission Diagnostic
3, ABS EPB Anti-lock Brake System
4, SRS Airbag Crash Data Reset
5, SAS Steering Angle Sensor Reset
6, Oil Light Serive Reset
7, Suspension System Adjustment
8, Audio System
9, IMMO Immobilizer System
10, ESP ASC Brake System
11, SAS Steering Angle System
12, Air Conditioning System
13, DPF System
14, Air Condition System
15, Auto Headlamp System
16, ACC System
17, Car Radio Audio System
18, Car Door Windows System
19, Battery Manager System
20, TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System and So On System, Support Most of Car Drive, Power-train, Chassis and Body System Diagnose, Error Scan, Reset, Activate, Reprogramming, Relearning,Coding etc Function

General Functions (Including Global OBD II coverage) 


1) Read ECU Information

2)Read and Erase Fault codes

3)Read Live Data

4)Read Freeze Frame

5)Graph Live Data

6)Screenshot Function

7)Graph live data such as:

- Engine speed

- Engine ECU temperature

- Percent acceleration pedal position

- Engine intercooler temperature

- Engine coolant temperature

- Battery voltage

- Alternator voltage

- Ambient air temperature

- Air inlet temperature

-Set measurement units in SAE English/Metric.

-Internet upgrade


ANCEL HD3200 Special Function: PIN Detect

Diagnose the connection status of the OBD inter face

This function can be used to detect whether the pins are damaged

 More Features

One-click Activate: This function allows for one-touch activating the scanner tool and you can quickly get started your first truck diagnostic, registration information is optional to fill in. There are no complex settings making it a user-friendly auto scanner.


One-click Screenshot: To save important information about vehicle diagnosis, you can take one click screen capture, and view the screenshots in “Data Management”.


One-click Feedback: This diagnostic tool supports one-click feedback. You can give us your feedback via this function if you have diagnostic problems, ANCEL professional technical team will provide you with excellent solutions.


One-click WIFI Update: No need to update on computer. By connecting wifi, it will automatically search for the latest update programe, just click update, you will get the latest version (more car models, bug fix) of this scanner. You will enjoy lifetime update through one-key function.


One-click Printing Diagnosis Report


Live Data on Graph

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Diesel Heavy Truck OBD2 Scanner DPF Regen Oil Reset Full System Diagnostic Tool
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